Luan Xu, HongyuWei, Zhengbao Li, Haipeng Qu. PAR: Prioritized DTN Routing Protocol Based on Age Rumors. Recent Progress in Data Engineering and Internet Technology. Volume 2,2012,425-431.

【Abstract】In this paper, we proposed a prioritized DTN Routing Protocol Based on Age Rumors (PAR). In order to reduce the waste of resources in message transference procedure and increase data delivery ratio, the protocol limits the total number of message copy through combining forwarding-based protocols and replication-based ones effectively. Through simulative analysis, the algorithm is found to be able to achieve high data delivery ratio and improve the network performance.

魏红宇,曲海鹏,刘培顺,徐峦,盛兆勇.海洋环境云计算安全防护支撑体系的研究与构建. 中国海洋大学学报,第41卷增刊,2011年5月,429-432.

【摘要】随着云计算技术及理念的深入发展和应用云安全越来越成为安全业界关注的重点 为有效保障云计算应用 的安全本文在海洋云计算与云服务这种特殊的体系结构中引入了安全机制并结合云计算应用特点在采取信息系统基 本安全防护技术的基础上通过进一步集成数据加密VPN身份认证安全存储等安全技术手段构建了适用于海洋环境 信息云计算应用的安全防护体系。


Feng Liu, Chuan-Kun Wu and Xi-Jun Lin, Some Extensions on Threshold Visual Cryptography Schemes, The Computer Journal, 53 (1). pp:107-119, 2010.(SCI)

【Abstract】Droste [CRYPTO’96] proposed a construction of threshold visual cryptography scheme (TVCS) under the visual cryptography model of Naor and Shamir, i.e. the visual cryptography model with the underlying operation OR. In this article, we give three extensions of TVCS. First, we prove that the TVCS proposed by Droste which was based on the OR operation is still a valid TVCS under the XOR operation, and then we propose a method to further reduce its pixel expansion. We then propose an interesting construction of TVCS with all shares being concolorous. Finally, we give a construction of threshold extended visual cryptography scheme (TEVCS) with the underlying operation OR or XOR. All of our schemes can be applied to the visual cryptography model introduced by Tuyls et al. (First Int. Conf. Security in Pervasive Computing 2004, International Patent with Application No.: PCT/IB2003/000261).

Feng Liu, Chuan-Kun Wu and Xi-Jun Lin, A new definition of the contrast of visual cryptography scheme, Inf. Process. Lett, 110(7). pp:241-246, 2010.(SCI)

【Abstract】In this paper, some of the known definitions of the contrast of the Visual Cryptography Scheme (VCS) are shown to be inappropriate, and a new definition of the contrast based on our observations is proposed. It is also shown how our new definition of the contrast agreed with our observations.

Feng Liu, Chuan-Kun Wu and Xi-Jun Lin, Step construction of visual cryptography schemes, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security,5(1), pp:27-38, 2010.(SCI)

【Abstract】Two common drawbacks of the visual cryptography scheme (VCS) are the large pixel expansion of each share image and the small contrast of the recovered secret image. In this paper, we propose a step construction to construct VCSOR and VCSXOR for general access structure by applying (2,2)-VCS recursively, where a participant may receive multiple share images. The proposed step construction generates VCSOR and VCSXOR which have optimal pixel expansion and contrast for each qualified set in the general access structure in most cases. Our scheme applies a technique to simplify the access structure, which can reduce the average pixel expansion (APE) in most cases compared with many of the results in the literature. Finally, we give some experimental results and comparisons to show the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.

李正宝,郭忠文,曲海鹏,洪锋,洪璐.E2DTS:水下传感器网络能量高效的分布式时间同步算法.通信学报, 31(9A), 2010,22-29.

【摘 要】研究了水下传感器网络(UASN)节点移动对传播延迟的影响,建立了节点移动和传播延迟的关系模型,提出了适用于水下传感器网络的能量高效的分布式时间同步算法(E2DTS)。E2DTS通过求解相邻数据包的接收/发送时间差值,采用线性回归方法来估计时间漂移率和时间偏移,减少了数据交换过程中各种因素对时间同步精度的影响。模拟实验证明,与已有算法相比,E2DTS的能耗较低,精度至少提高30%。


【摘 要】 研究群组密码学中的一个子类:多对一加密认证方案.该方案主要用于解决分布式系统中的一 个实际问题:当有大量用户发送密文给接收者时,如何减轻接收者和KGC的密钥管理负担.使用椭圆曲线上的双线性映射作为工具,在多对一加密认证方案的定义和安全模型下,构造了一个具体的方案,同时证明了该方案的安全性.合法发送者使用他的加密密钥产生密文,该密钥与接收者的身份和解密密钥有关,解密者仅使用他唯一的解密密钥就可以解密任何合法的密文,并可以认证发送者的身份.该方案的计算复杂性和密文长度不依赖于合法发送者的数量

Zhengbo Li, Zhongwen Guo, Haipeng Qu, Feng Hong, Pengpeng Chen, Meng Yang. UD-TDMA: A Distributed TDMA Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network. Proceedings of Mass 2009, 918-923.

【Abstract】This paper presents a distributed and robust time slot scheduling algorithm, which is suitable for underwater acoustic sensor network (UASN). The information of nodes' 2-hop neighbors is needed to be collected and then be used to calculate nodes' initial time slot by a distributed algorithm. A maximal independent set is formed by the nodes which were assigned with the same initial slot. Some theorems were proved to reveal that in an interference graph the size of this maximal independent set is at least of the size of the maximum independent set of the nodes. The simulation compares UD-TDMA with other three MAC protocols. The results show that the proposed protocol is effective in the UASN with random deployment, especially in high-density underwater acoustic sensor network.

Zhang Wei, Pang Renbo, Pang Yanwei, Qu Haipeng. Self adaptive mail filtering POP3 proxy based on users' feedback, Journal of Tianjin University, 2009

【摘 要】为了有效接受邮件客户端反馈并自动根据邮件客户端反馈对邮件过滤系统做出调整,提出了用户反馈自适应的POP3邮件过滤代理模型SAMFUF(self-adaptive mail filtering POP3 proxy based on users’feedback)。SAMFUF采用异步连接模拟同步连接方式建立邮件客户端和邮件服务器间POP3连接,实现了邮件客户端与邮件服务器间的透明性连接;将最大熵、贝叶斯和支持向量机等基于内容过滤的方法从邮件过滤系统中独立出来,实现了通用邮件过滤系统的设计;通过在邮件中插入包含邮件唯一标识、分类结果等信息的HTML表单的标签以及调整邮件过滤模型,实现了基于邮件客户端的用户反馈以及邮件过滤系统的自适应功能;采用线程池管理线程和overlapped I/0事件通信方式实现邮件客户端与邮件服务器间通信,实现了邮件过滤服务的高效率和稳定性。实验表明,SAMFUF在垃圾邮件过滤上具有较高的效率和准确率。

Xi-Jun Lin,Chuan-Kun Wu and Feng Liu,Many-to-one Encryption and Authentication Scheme and Its Application,Journal of Commun.and Networks,10(1),pp:18-21,2008.(SCI)

【Abstract】This paper is to study a subclass of group-oriented cryptographic scheme: Many-to-one encryption and authentication scheme. The many-to-one encryption and authentication scheme is to solve a practical problem, i.e., the scenario that the number of the receivers is very small compared with the number of the senders and a receiver may serve millions of senders. Compared with the traditional methods, the burdens of the receiver and the KGC are reduced greatly. How to revoke a sender from his receiver's legitimate sender group is also proposed and it is efficient compared with some traditional methods. The proposed scheme is proven in the random oracle models. The computational complexity of our scheme is independent of the number of the senders. At the end of the paper, an example is given to show how to use our scheme in online software registration and update.

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